SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams

SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams
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Land for Wildlife Notes (back copies)

 It should be noted that names, roles, contact details and organisational names  are not current as these Notes date back some years.


This page contains links to previous Land for Wildlife Notes. These notes provide a wealth of knowledge relating to wildlife conservation on private land. 




 1. General reference list

   2. 22 Ways to integrate wildlife

 3. Creating wildlife corridors


 4, Wildlife management considerations


 5. List of mammals and birds


 6. Wildlife needs natural hollows


 7. How you can help Koalas on private land


 8. Principles of river and stream improvement for              wildlife

   9. What your property can do for you
   10. How wildlife habitats can benefit your property
   11. Gippsland earthworm
   12. Bats in rural Victoria
   13. Natural regeneration
   14. Nestboxes
   15. Wildlife and farm dams
   16. Natural regeneration - case study on farms
   17. Wattles and wildlife
   18. Old trees for wildlife
   19. Woodlots for wildlife
   20. Shelterbelts and wildlife
   21. Eltham Copper Butterfly
   22. Farm planning and wildlife
   23. Edges - their effect on vegetation and wildlife
   24. Foxes -options for control
   25. Cats and wildlife - how you can protect both
   26. Mistletoe and wildlife -a positive view of a parasite
   27. Platypus - helping them in the wild
   28. Management of shallow freshwater wetlands for            wildlife

 29. Fencing wildlife habitat

   30. Including wildlife in Landcare actions
   31. Rabbit control in wildlife habitat
   32. The value of understory vegetation
   33. Natural regeneration - case study in woodland
   34. Dieback lessons: learning how to manage                    sustainability
   35. Encountering wildlife without feeding
   36. Victoria's native freshwater fish
   37. Can l help White-bellied Sea Eagles on private            land
   38. The value of dead wood to wildlife and agriculture
   39. Creating an environmental weed strategy
   40. How healthy is your bushland?
   41. Native grasses of the Basalt Plain
   42. Phytophthora root disease 
   43. Photographic monitoring of vegetation


Land for Wildlife


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