High priority threatened invertebrates South West Victoria

The following list comprises a selection of threatened invertebrates that have been identified as being high priority in the South West of Victoria. The high priority rating is based on a combination of the importance of the species and high level of concern within a particular bioregion. These species have been identified as requiring either full commitment or substantive participation within the bioregion indicated and is based on information from the Bioregional Network Analysis (BNA) for each bioregion (Lowe et al 2000).

In addition to the above BNA priorities, this list also includes high priority threatened invertebrates in the South West that have specific management actions specified in the (DEPI Actions for Biodiversity Conservation database).1

Note: at present this list does not include species in the Goldfields Bioregion.


Eltham Copper Butterfly - vulnerable


Bioregion key

BW   Bridgewater
CVU   Central Victorian Uplands (west)
GP   Glenelg Plain
GG   Greater Grampians
LM   Lowan Mallee
OP   Otway Plain
OR   Otway Ranges
VVP   Victorian Volcanic Plains
WP   Warrnambool Plain
W   Wimmera


Victoria's bioregions 


Common name

Scientific name

Priority bioregion

Ancient Greenling Damselfly1 Hemiphlebia mirabilis BW, VVP
Eltham Copper Butterfly1 Paralucia pyrodiscus lucida W
Fiery Jewel Butterfly Hypochrysops ignitus ignitus W
Glenelg Spiny Cray Euastacus bispinosis GG, GP
Golden Sun Moth1 Synemon plana VVP, W1
Large Brown Azure Butterfly1 Ogyris idmo halmaturia W
Pale Sun Moth Synemon selene W
Reddish-orange Sun Moth Synemon jcara W
Small Orange-spotted Sun Moth1 Synemon discalis LM1
Sun Moth1 Synemon sp c.f. collecta GP, W1
Western Swamp Cray1 Gramastacus insolitus GG
Yellow Sedge-skipper Butterfly (Altona Skipper) Hesperilla flavescens flavescens VVP, W



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