What is SWIFFT?

SWIFFT connects people with events, information and others interested in threatened species and biodiversity conservation.

SWIFFT has an open and inclusive agenda which includes:

  • Be open to people involved or interested in protecting threatened species or communities.
  • Be inclusive and supportive of current and proposed initiatives for protecting threatened species and communities.
  • Promote and foster mutual benefit.
  • Encourage the documentation of existing knowledge.
  • Be a collaborative learning network.
  • The participants of SWIFFT "own" SWIFFT.
  • Free of obligation and cost.
  • Connect people with events, information and the wider biodiversity conservation community.

An introduction to SWIFFT

Who is part of SWIFFT?

The SWIFFT network is open to anyone or any organisation that has an interest in threatened species and biodiversity conservation. There is no cost to be involved.

SWIFFT is an independent network and is not owned by any individual department, organisation or group. 

SWIFFT partners, participants and contributors include:

  • Community environment and conservation groups
  • Government agencies and authorities
  • Education and research institutions
  • Conservation organisations
  • Landholders and managers

SWIFFT is supported by Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, Zoos Victoria, Federation University Australia and the Ballarat Environment Network.

The SWIFFT region

SWIFFT covers all of Victoria. Information on threatened species and nature conservation projects is being collated for all regions of Victoria and because SWIFFT is a network there are no fixed boundaries as such.

swifft area

How is it managed?

An advisory group maintains and coordinates the network. Current members of the group are:

  • Andrew Arnold - Federation University Australia
  • Birgita Hansen - Federation University Australia
  • Rob Milne - Federation University Australia
  • Ian Smith - SWIFFT coordinator
  • Craig Whiteford - Zoos Victoria

The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) ceased support for the  quarterly seminar series in April 2024.

Website development and hosting is provided by the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation, Federation University Australia


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