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SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams
SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams
SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams
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Threatened species

Threatened species feature pages

Types of threatened species listings

Victorian Threatened Species Advisory lists

Overview of threatened species in Victoria

Extinctions in Victoria

Current projects

Defining a threatened species

The term 'threatened species' generally refers to those species or taxa which have been assessed against specific criteria to determine their status in terms of  extinction risk.  Assessments can be quite detailed and consider factors such as population or sub population size, the level and composition of population reduction, the extent and decline across a species geographic range, the fragmentation of populations and decline in the extent and suitability of habitat. 

Subject to findings of the assessment process a species may be assigned a particular level of  threat;

Extinct (EX)

Critically Endangered (CR)

Endangered (EN)

Vulnerable (VU)

Near Threatened (NT)

Data Deficient (DD)

The term 'threatened species' is applied to those species which are considered either vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, or extinct in the wild.

In the case of the 'Victorian rare or threatened plants advisory list' species are considered threatened if they are endangered, vulnerable, rare or poorly known in Victoria. 


Swainsona reticulata Kneed Swainsons-pea - vulnerable


Types of threatened species listings

 In Victoria and other states across Australia there are non-legislative threatened species advisory lists as well as legislated lists under various Acts pertaining to State and Commonwealth legislation.


Victorian Threatened Species Advisory Lists

These are non-legislative lists and are intended to increase community awareness of threatened species and provide a resource for individuals, groups and organisations involved with biodiversity conservation.  Species are assessed based on criteria used by the IUCN.  IUCN Categories and Criteria http://www.iucnredlist.org/technical-documents/categories-and-criteria

Advisory List of Threatened Vertebrate Fauna

Advisory List of Rare or Threatened Plants in Victoria

Advisory List of Threatened Invertebrate Fauna in Victoria

Image: Golden Sun Moth - Critically Endangered

The above lists are maintained by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Victorian Threatened Species Advisory Lists

Victorian Threatened Species Action Statements


IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

 The IUCN Red List  provides information on plants and animals that are facing a higher risk of global extinction. The lists provides taxonomic, conservation status and distribution information on plants and animals that have been globally evaluated  using the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Criteria.  2001 IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria version 3.1   Note these documents are periodically revised therefore it is recommended to check the IUCN web site for any revisions


Legislated Lists of Threatened Species

There are two primary lists of threatened species which are enshrined in legislation that relate to Victoria;

Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 (FFG Act)

Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

In both cases for a species to be included in the respective legislation it must have been nominated, assessed by the relevant Scientific Committee and approved by the relevant Minister.

Categories of  Threatened Species under the EPBC Act 1999

EPBC Act nomination process

FFG Act 1988 listing process 2017

FFG Act 1988 2017 listing (pdf)


Overview of threatened species in Victoria

The current Victorian Advisory lists contain 2443 species comprising 293 species of vertebrate fauna, (62 mammals, 130 birds, 47 reptiles, 18 amphibians and 22 fishes). There are 1826 vascular plants, 137 Bryophytes and 9 species of fungi, also a total of 178 species of invertebrates. These include threatened species as well as species which are considered  Extinct, Regionally Extinct, Near Threatened and Data Deficient.

Species are considered 'threatened'  if they are assigned the status of vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, or extinct in the wild. In the case of flora the conservation status 'rare' is also used.

Table of Victorian threatened fauna on advisory list
  Mammals Birds Reptiles Amphibians Fish
Extinct in wild 1 0 0 0 0
Critically endangered 5 12 14 8 11
Endangered 8 29 11 4 6
Vulnerable 10 48 10 3 3
Total 24 89 35 15 20


Table of Victorian flora on Victorian advisory list
  Vascular plants Bryophytes Fungi & Lichens
Endangered 270 10 3
Vulnerable 475 18 2
Rare 804 30 4
Poorly known 228 77 0
Total 1777 135 9


Table of Victorian flora and fauna listed under the FFG Act 1988 (as at February 2014)


Eastern Barred Bandicoot - now considered extinct in the wild
Golden Sun Moth - critically endangered

No. of FFG Act Species listed





















Vascular Plants


Non Vascular Plants


Fungi & Lichens






In addition to the above species listings there are 39 Victorian flora & fauna communities listed under the Victorian FFG Act



Extinctions in Victoria


Extinct in Victoria

Regionally Extinct

Extinct in wild

Brush-tailed Bettong (eastern sub, sp.

Chirruping Wedgebill

Eastern Barred Bandicoot

Southern Bettong (mainland subspecies)

Night Parrot


Eastern Hare Wallaby

Small-scaled Snake


Lesser Stick-nest Rat

Bolam's Mouse


Long-eared Mouse

Bridled Nailtail Wallaby


Pig-footed Bandicoot

Desert Mouse


Short-nosed bandicoot (inland form)

Eastern Quoll


Western Barred Bandicoot (eastern subspecies)

Greater Stick-nest Rat


White-footed Rabbit Rat

Red-tailed Phascogale


49 species of Vascular Plants

Rufous Bettong


2 species of Bryophytes

Rufous-bellied Pademelon



Western Quoll



Agassiz's Chanda Perch



Freshwater Herring



Southern Purple-spotted Gudgeon



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Threatened species feature pages 

Victoria's living assets

  Anglesea Grevillea


 Australasian Bittern


 Australian Grayling


Australian Mudfish 150

 Australian Mudfish

 Critically endangered

  Azure Kingfisher

  Near Threatened

  Barking Owl


  Basalt Rustyhood


  Black-chinned Honeyeater

  Near Threatened

  Blue-billed Duck


  Blue Whale




  Brown Toadlet (Bibron's Toadlet)


 Brush-tailed Phascogale


 Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby 

 Critically endangered

 Bush Stone-curlew


 Button Wrinklewort


 Common Bent-wing Bat (southern)

 Critically endangered

  Diamond Firetail

  Near threatened

  Dwarf Galaxias


  Dwarf Spider Orchid

  Critically endangered

 Eastern Barred Bandicoot

 Extinct in the wild

  Eltham Copper Butterfly


  Fat-tailed Dunnart

  Near threatened

 Golden Sun Moth

 Critically endangered 

  Great Knot


  Grey Goshawk


 Grey-headed Flying-fox


  Growling Grass Frog


  Hooded Plover


  Hooded Robin

  Near threatened

  Humpback Whale


  Latham's Snipe

  Near threatened

 Leatherback Turtle

 Critically endangered

  Lewin's Rail


  Long-nosed Potoroo


  Macquarie Perch




 Matted Flax-lily


 Mellblom's Spider-orchid


 Metallic Sun-orchid


 Orange-bellied Parrot

Critically endangered

  Otway Black Snail


  Powerful Owl


 Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo


 Regent Honeyeater

Critically endangered

regent parrot 150

 Regent Parrot


 Southern Brown Bandicoot

 Near threatened 

 Southern Right Whale

Critically endangered

  Southern Toadlet


 Spiny Rice-flower

 Critically endangered

 Spot-tailed Quoll


square-tailed kite 150 sharp

 Square-tailed Kite


 Squirrel Glider


  Striped Legless Lizard


  Striped Worm-lizard

  Near threatened

  Swamp Antechinus

  Near threatened

 Swamp Skink


  Swift Parrot


  White Sunray


Wimmera Rice-flower 150

 Wimmera Rice-flower

 Critically endangered

  Woodland Blind Snake

  Near threatened

  Yarra Pygmy Perch


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