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SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams
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Biodiversity Data in Victoria

Observational biodiversity data repositories and sharing platforms for the state of Victoria.

The tools (repositories) currently available to view, download and lodge biodiversity observation records in Victoria can be overwhelming. In most instances, sharing a sighting once will result in multi-use outcomes spanning research, sustainability and conservation. More specifically, observational data is critical in determining threatened species listings, environmental impact statements (whether developments can proceed), and recovery plans. This interactive flowchart is an attempt to represent the current network of biodiversity data flows for Victoria at the best of our ability.


  • Encourage everyone to be more active in submitting biodiversity data
  • Understand which repository is the most appropriate to submit to
  • Understand where submitted observations go
  • Understand the ‘bigger picture’ for sightings and reports


  • Scroll in and out to view connections easier, or hover mouse over a connection or element (repository)
  • Click on an element to view more information and link
  • Type into the 'Search' bar to view repositories that house that specific data. I.e. "bird" will list where bird records can be submitted. Or type "mobile" to view a list of apps that allow you to submit your sightings using your mobile phone.
  • To view repositories where you can submit observational data, hover mouse over "Biodiversity observation/survey." Likewise, to see direct ins/outs of data hover mouse over any element.
  • Click and hold on an element to enter focus view. This can help to identify direct (1 degree) and indirect sources (2 degrees) of data input

This flowchart has been developed to document how the State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams (SWIFFT) network interacts with other repositories. This is a community resource open for input and distribution. Provide feedback below to include or investigate other data repositories: swifft@swifft.net

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