Conservation Management Networks (CMN's)


Conservation Management Networks (CMN’s) are land based networks for conservation of threatened ecological communities (flora & fauna) and remnant vegetation. They are supported through a network of landowners / land managers and the community.

Current Victorian CMN’s (as at 10 November 2021)

CMN's no longer operating


Further information on CMN's:

Whroo Goldfields CMN - the Whroo Goldfields Conservation Network (WGCN) was initiated in 2008 to give a framework for a system of interconnected places and people with a common purpose of improving in nature conservation.  


Longwood Plains CMN - predominantly delivering State and Federal Government incentives through the Goulburn Broken CMA to our landholders.  Website currently being developed. We also apply for other grants including Landcare and have had a number of on-ground projects funded over the years.  July 2021 newsletter.

Similar groups/organisations

These are not CMN’s but undertake landscape conservation activities:



Strategic Plan for Conservation Management Networks  (2008) Strategic Plan for Conservation Management Networks in Victoria : Working together to protect biodiversity. Context Pty Ltd, Brunswick Victoria.

Conservation Management Networks  DSE 2015

Book: Linking Australia’s Landscapes: Lessons and Opportunities from Large-scale Conservation Networks.  January 2013. James A Fitzsimons, Geoffrey Charles Wescott, Ian Pulsford. ResearchGate: Abstract.

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