Threatened species research roundup

Summary list of recent published threatened species research compiled by Katherine Selwood, Zoos Victoria.

30 July 2019


Captive breeding


Seeing‐good‐gene‐based mate choice: from genes to behavioural preferences


Factors affecting captive whooping crane egg fertility: A retrospective analysis




Species distribution models with field validation, a key approach for successful selection of receptor sites in conservation translocations


Effects of post‐release movements on survival of translocated sage‐grouse




*Plains Wanderer: Climate-mediated changes to grassland structure determine habitat suitability for the critically endangered plains-wanderer (Pedionomus torquatus)


Incorporating future climate uncertainty into the identification of climate change refugia for threatened species




The Exciting Potential and Remaining Uncertainties of Genetic Rescue


Impact of reduced-representation sequencing protocols on detecting population structure in a threatened marsupial


The contribution of genomics to bird conservation


Guidelines for genetic management in mammal translocation programs

Applying cryopreservation to anuran conservation biology


Population monitoring and trends


*New Holland Mouse: Accounting for detectability and abundance in survey design for a declining species


Evaluating the assumptions of population projection models used for conservation


Biological and Sociopolitical Sources of Uncertainty in Population Viability Analysis for Endangered Species Recovery Planning


A silent demise: Historical insights into population changes of the iconic platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)


Threatened vertebrate species: associations between conservation actions, funding and population trends




Indigenous knowledge for conservation


Evaluating the feasibility of pangolin farming and its potential conservation impact

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