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Anglesea Grevillea

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Of the 76 species of grevillea which are known to occur in the wild in Victoria, 15 species are considered non-native to Victoria. Of the remaining 61 grevillea species native to Victoria, 22 are considered not threatened and 39 considered threatened. (Sourced from VBA 2022, FFG Threatened List 2021).

The high number of threatened grevillea species is a reflection of changes which have occurred across the Victorian landscape. Many of the threatened grevilleas are confined to very site specific and isolated patches of remnant suitable habitat which is often reflected in their common name. Threatened grevilleas need close monitoring to ensure they are not put at further risk from soil disturbance, weed invasion, excessive burning and general habitat decline.

Threatened grevilleas in Victoria
Distribution of Victoria's threatened Grevilleas. Source: VVB 2022



Threatened Grevilleas in Victoria

Scientific name

Common name

Conservation status

    Victorian FFG threatened list EPBC Listed
Grevillea alpivaga Buffalo Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea angustiloba subsp. angustiloba Narrow-lobe Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea angustiloba subsp. wirregaensis Wirrega Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea barklyana Gully Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea bedggoodiana Enfield Grevillea Endangered VU
Grevillea brevifolia Cobberas Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea burrowa Burrowa Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea callichlaena Benambra Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea celata Colquhoun Grevillea Critically Endangered VU
Grevillea chrysophaea Golden Grevillea Vulnerable  
Grevillea confertifolia Grampians Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea dimorpha Flame Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea dryophylla Goldfields Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea floripendula Ben Major Grevillea Critically Endangered VU
Grevillea infecunda Anglesea Grevillea Endangered VU
Grevillea jephcottii Green Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea micrantha Small-flower Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea microstegia Mount Cassell Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea miqueliana subsp. cincta Selma Saddle Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea miqueliana subsp. miqueliana Oval-leaf Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea miqueliana subsp. moroka Moroka Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea monslacana Lake Mountain Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea montis-cole subsp. brevistyla Langi Ghiran Grevillea Critically Endangered VU
Grevillea montis-cole subsp. montis-cole Mount Cole Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea neurophylla subsp. fluviatilis Granite Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea neurophylla subsp. neurophylla Granite Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea obtecta Fryerstown Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea pachylostyla Buchan River Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea parvula Genoa Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea patulifolia Swamp Grevillea Critically Endangered  
Grevillea polybractea Crimson Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea polychroma Tulloch Ard Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea ramosissima subsp. hypargyrea Fan Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea repens Creeping Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea rosmarinifolia subsp. glabella Smooth Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea steiglitziana Brisbane Range Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea victoriae subsp. nivalis Kosciuszko Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea victoriae subsp. victoriae Royal Grevillea Endangered  
Grevillea willisii Rock Grevillea Endangered  

Threatened Grevillea conservation


Grevillea bedggoodiana - Enfield Grevillea

Endangered (Victorian FFG Threatened List 2021), Listed as Vulnerable (EPBC Act 1999).

Enfield Grevillea Irena Cassettarii
Enfield Grevillea. Image: Irena Cassettari

The Enfield Grevillea is a low growing, groundcover shrub endemic to Victoria. It is only found in a very limited area in grassy heathy dry forest type around Enfield State Park, Ross Creek State Forest and Linton/Nawnight-widwid State Forest.  Flowers October –November.

Enfield Grevillea
All known records of Enfield Grevillea. (Note: record near Grampians is incorrect).


Research & management
Enfield Grevillea Fire Response Project

This project is part of the Grampians Bushfire Management Strategy 2020. 

One of the long-term objectives: Persistence of rare, threatened and endemic species.

Sort-term objective; Minimise Impacts of planned burning on threatened species e.g., Enfield Grevillea. Put in place mitigation measures.

Monitoring plots established in a planned burn area. Improve understanding of plant response after burning.

View a recording of Environmental Volunteers & Agency Network workshop on Enfield Grevillea

Reproduction and genetic structure research project

Grevillea bedggoodiana (Enfield Grevillea) is a locally endemic, endangered understorey shrub that is restricted to Enfield State Park and State Forest. This project consisted of two studies;

1. Assess the floral characters, floral visitors and the impact that vertebrate and invertebrate visitors had on seed production in the species.

2. Use controlled pollination approaches to document the potential and realised breeding system, as well as undertaking an analysis of genetic diversity and structure among selected populations.

The Enfield Grevillea was visited by birds, mammals and numerous insects but their contributions were not equal. The species was shown to be preferentially outcrossing and there was no evidence of pollination limitation. Populations of the species were genetically diverse and differentiation among some but not all populations was found.

The research was conducted primarily by two honours students (Mr A. Aristidou and Mr S. Wawrzyczek) with some additional sampling and analysis post-honours under the supervision of Dr Susan Hoebee, La Trobe University.

Grevillea infecunda - Anglesea Grevillea

Endangered (Victorian FFG Theatened List 2021), Listed as Vulnerable (EPBC Act 1999.

Anglesea Grevillea plant Image  Rani Hunt
Anglesea Grevellia in flower at Anglesea. Image: Rani Hunt.


Anglesea Grevillea plant Image: Rani Hunt
Anglesea Grevellia plant. Image: Rani Hunt.


Anglesea Grevillea occurs in open areas of dry sclerophyll forest or woodland with sandy or gravelly soils in the hilly country around Anglesea and Airey’s Inlet. Flowering occurs from October to December.

Anglesea Grevillea

All known records of Anglesea Grevillea. (Note the record near Melbourne is pre-1900)

Current management actions for Anglesea Grevillea are co-ordinated through the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) Victoria in conjunction with Parks Victoria and local conservation groups such as Friends of Eastern Otways and ANGAIR.

  • Monitoring known populations of Anglesea Grevillea.
  • Conducting searches for additional populations in similar habitat and entering information into the relevant DELWP databases.
  • Areas within the Eastern Otways National Park have been fenced off to prevent accidental or deliberate damage caused by visitors.
  • Surveys are undertaken to assess impacts of Cinnamon Fungus to Anglesea Grevillea or its habitat.
  • A Recovery Team has been established to assist with communication between relevant agencies.
  • Community involvement and awareness.
  • Continued weed control to prevent the invasion of competitive pest plants.

More about Anglesea Grevillea

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