Environmental Volunteer & Agency Network (Central West Victoria)


Environmental Volunteers & Agency Network (Central West)


The purpose of the Environmental Volunteers & Agency Network (Central West) is to sustainably enable stronger connections between environmental volunteers, groups, agencies, and the community, to achieve our shared goal of caring for nature.

EVAN is a place-based network that aims to facilitate meaningful, coordinated, reciprocal engagement between land & water management agencies and environmental volunteering groups, as well as assisting with connection to the wider community. EVAN strives to be inclusive of all groups within the region, regardless of their size, status or resources.

Environmental Volunteers & Agency Network (Central West
The EVAN Collaboration Tree outlines our current and planned activities and our mode of working. Anyone who shares the aim of caring for nature and enriching the experience of environmental volunteering in Victoria’s Central West is welcome to participate in network activities or project groups. Expanded view


Connect with us by emailing: evancentralwest@gmail.com


Recent events

Enfield Grevillea Fire Response Project update

Recording of EVAN workshop held on 1 December 2021. 

 Learn about the Enfield Grevillea (Grevillea bedggoodiana) which is endemic to Enfield State Park and surrounding forested areas about 30km south of Ballarat and DELWP’s initiative to better understand a unique species improve its management. Also, hear how this novel research design might be applied to other at risk and threatened vegetation communities and how as volunteers, we can contribute, participate and even be involved.


Past events

EVAN Evaluation Workshop

Held on 8th September 2021 - this event was not recorded.

Meet the Land Manager Forum

Held on Monday 19th April 2021 - see recordings below

'Meet the Land Manager' is EVAN's first annual forum series. As a local environmental volunteer, it can be difficult to know what agency's plans are for the year, and how you can align your group's projects with their funding. Here at EVAN, we believe wholeheartedly that caring for our Central West landscapes involve bringing together community, volunteers and land and water managers to tackle our toughest environmental issues! Hosted online and during all of our lunch breaks, this forum is spread across four days. Jam-packed with speakers ranging from Catchment Management Authorities, state government and local councils, these sessions will fill you with all you need to know about their annual priorities, planning cycles, and how to best communicate with these agencies and get involved with your feedback! 

Day 1: Monday 19th April 2021



Day 2: Tuesday 20th April 2021


Day 3: Wednesday 21st April 2021

Day 4: Thursday 21st April 2021


Caring for Nature Community College

“An opportunity for learning and growing together”

This forum is a series of experienced environmental volunteers presenting across Central West Victoria, sharing their lessons in a virtual “classroom” environment. The ‘Caring for Nature Community College’ is a place to learn how to better value, engage and celebrate environmental volunteering.

The forum aimed to:

20th July, 2021


22nd July, 2021


25th July, 2021




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