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High priority reptiles & amphibians South West Victoria


The following list comprises selected threatened reptiles & amphibians that have been identified as being high priority species in the South West of Victoria. Their high priority is based on a combination of the importance of the species and high level of concern within a particular bioregion. These species have been identified as requiring either full commitment or substantive participation within the bioregion indicated. This list is based on information from the Bioregional Network Analysis (BNA) for each bioregion (Lowe et al 2000).

In addition to the above BNA priorities, this list also includes high priority threatened mammals in the South West that have specific management actions specified in the (DEPI Actions for Biodiversity Conservation database).1

Note: this list does not include the Goldfields bioregion.

Victoria’s Bioregions


Corangamite Water Skink - critically endangered


Bioregion key

CVU   Central Victorian Uplands (west)
GP   Glenelg Plain
GG   Greater Grampians
LM   Lowan Mallee
OP   Otway Plain
OR   Otway Ranges
VVP   Victorian Volcanic Plains
WP   Warrnambool Plain
W   Wimmera



Common name

Scientific name

Priority bioregion

Bardick Echiopsis curta W
Corangamite Water Skink1 Eulamprus tympanum marnieae VVP
Four-toed Skink Hemiergis peronii GP
Grassland Earless Dragon Tympanocryptis pinguicolla VVP
Heath Skink1 Egernia multiscutata W
Hooded Scaly-foot Pygopus nigriceps W
Leatherback Turtle Dermochelys coriacea marine
Mountain Dragon Grampians form1 Tympanocryptis diemensis grampians GG
Rosenberg's Goanna1 Varanus rosenbergi LM
Samphire Skink Morethia adelaidensis W
Striped Legless Lizard1 Delma impar VVP
Growling Grassfrog1 Litoria raniformis all SW
Woodland Blind Snake Ramphotyphlops proximus W




  • Lowe, K., Preece, K., & Amos, N (2000) Victoria’s biodiversity reporting system: a bioregional approach to refining priorities and partnerships for biodiversity conservation. Dept. Natural Resources & Environment, Victoria.
  • DEPI Actions for Biodiversity Database, Department of Environment and primary Industries, 2014.







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