Observations - Magpie Goose

Magpie Goose near Bacchus Marsh

Observations of a flock of 2,600 Magpie Geese in a paddock on 3 March 2020 near Balliang, Approx. 10 km south of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. Observation and images from David Whelan.

Magpie Geese Image David Wehlan

A portion of the flock of 2600 Magpie Geese, south of Bacchus Marsh, early March 2020. Image: David Whelan.


Magpie Geese taking off. Image David Wehlan
Magpie Geese looking for a landing spot. Image: David Whelan.


Magpie Geese in flight. Image: David Wehlan.
Magpie Geese. Image: David Whelan.


Magpie Goose at Moolap

A flock of about 25 Magpie Geese were observed grazing in a paddock on 6 October 2020, right beside a busy road in Moolap, on the eastern edge of Geelong.

Magpie Geese at Moolap

Magpie Geese at Moolap. Image: Celia Adams

Magpie Geese at Moolap

Magpie Geese at Moolap –  happily grazing between a busy road and houses.  Image: Celia Adams


Magpie Goose at Lake Purrumbete

A flock of Magpie Geese estimated to in excess of 200 birds was observed at Lake Purrumbete on 6th May 2021. The birds were feeding along wetlands around the southern edge of the lake and also wetlands in adjoining paddocks.

Magpie Geese at Lake Purrumbete May 2021 Image: Phil Skeggs

Part of a flock of Magpie Geese observed feeding in wetland paddocks adjacent to Lake Purrumbete. Image: Phil Skeggs.

Magpie Geese at Lake Purrumbete 6 May 2021 Image:Phil Skeggs
Magpie Geese observed feeding in wetland on the edge of Lake Purrumbete on 6th May 2021. Image: Phil Skeggs.



The Magpie Goose is more commonly found in New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory but there are many records of the Magpie Goose at Bool Lagoon, South Australia and periodically across locations in Victoria where flocks as large as 9,000 birds have been recorded. Records indicate the size of flocks in Victoria has declined since around 2010 but in most years flocks of around 100 birds have been recorded at one or more sites across Victoria. Key areas in the past are:

Northern Victoria – Numurkah, Docker Swamp (Wangaratta).

South West Victoria - Tower Hill, Yambuk, wetlands on the Volcanic Plains (Lake Elingamite).

Around Port Phillip/Westernport - Serendip Sanctuary, Western Treatment Plant (Werribee), Reedy Lake. (Geelong), Braeside Park, Mt Eliza area, Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands.

Eastern Victoria - Gippsland Lakes, Baxter's Wetland (Wonthaggi).

Magpie Goose VBA 2020

All known records of Magpie Goose in Victoria. Source: VBA 2020.


Magpie Geese flying. Image: David Wehlan.

A beautiful view of Magpie Geese flying which shows the body and underwing markings. Image: David Whelan.


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