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Bio-calendar May



May is the last month of Autumn which aligns with the European calendar. It is a time when migrations are complete for many species as they have either arrived in or departed Victoria. Temperatures are still falling and rainfall becomes more frequent, the cool weather flowering plants like Heath are seen.

The following list provides an insight to various life stages for some of the native plants and animals in Victoria during May, of course there will be some variation across different areas of Victoria.  Please contact SWIFFT so we can add to the list.


Threatened Fauna

  • Australian Grayling Prototroctes maraena; spawning late May-June with larvae being washed downstream.
  • Brolga Grus rubicunda; last month of flocking season, pairing off begins.
  • Brush-tailed Phascogale Phascogale tapoatafa; start of mating season which lasts through to June.
  • Leatherback Turtle Dermochelys coriacea; migration from equatorial waters to temperate water feeding areas (January –May) nearly over. Highest numbers recorded in Bass Strait from April – May, before they commence a northward migration to equatorial breeding areas.
  • Orange-bellied Parrot Neophema chrysogaster; over-wintering along south-west Victoria coastal wetlands.
  • Powerful Owl Ninox strenua, commencement of breeding season late May – June with nestling period 8-9 weeks.
  • Southern Right Whale Eubalaena australis, migration from Antarctic waters to southern Victoria underway with first sightings off the Southwest coast in May.
  • Swamp Antechinus Antechinus minimus; breeding season May to July (males die within a few weeks after mating).


Threatened Flora

  • Jumping-jack Wattle Acacia enterocarpa; flowering May - October.


Other native Flora and Fauna


  • Common Galaxias Galaxias maculatus; adult fish migrating downstream for spawning (April – June)
  • Common Ringtail Possum; main months for giving birth May – July.
  • Common Brushtail Possum; females give birth.






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