SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams

SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams
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Citizen Science

There are many facets to Citizen Science but in general terms it is about the public engaging with and sharing science in relation to the natural world. This could be through random observations and reporting, organised surveys, monitoring project progress & outcomes, recording methodologies and sharing knowledge to improve  recovery of species and their habitats.

This page is set up to help groups and individuals undertaking or planning  native flora & fauna projects in Victoria to connect with other sites for information relating to Citizen Science.

Citizen Science web sites

Australian Citizen Science Association - facebook

Atlas of Living Australia (BIOBLITZ) - guidelines pdf

Birdlife Australia - Citizen Science

BowerBird - Museum Victoria Citizen Science

Climate Watch - contribute species data relating to climate change

FrogID - mobile app to discover which frogs live around you and help count Australia's frogs

Fungimap - putting Australian fungi on the map

NatureShare - sharing observations and images of flora & fauna

TurtleSAT - contribute to mapping the location of freshwater turtles

Victorian National Parks Association  Citizen Science (NatureWatch, ReefWatch)

Wildlife Spotter - record species from remote images


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