High priority threatened flora South West Victoria

Anglesea Grevillea - vulnerable

The following list comprises selected threatened flora species which have been identified as being high priority species in the South West of Victoria. Their high priority is based on a combination of the importance of the species and high level of concern within a particular bioregion. These species of flora have been identified as requiring either full commitment or substantive participation within the bioregion indicated. This list is based on information from the Bioregional Network Analysis (BNA) for each bioregion (Lowe et al 2000).

In addition to the above BNA priorities, this list also includes high priority flora in the South West that have specific management actions specified in the (DEPI Actions for Biodiversity Conservation database).1

Note: this list does not include the Goldfields bioregion.

Victoria’s Bioregions




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Ferns & Mosses  
Flowering plants  

Family &

Indicator threat.sp. in South West

Asteliaceae (Astelia)
Asteraceae (Daisy)
Boraginaceae (Heliotrope)
Brassicaceae (Peppercress)
Callitrichaceae (Water-starwort)
Casuarinaceae (Sheoak)
Chenopodiaceae (Salt bush)
Cyperaceae (Sedge)
Dilleniaceae (Guinea-flower)
Ericaceae (Snow-berry)
Eriocaulaceae (Pipewort)
Fabaceae (Bush-pea)
Lamiaceae (Westringia)
Liliaceae (Lilly)
Loranthaceae (Mistletoe)
Mimosaceae (Wattle)
Myrtaceae (Gum)
Orchidaceae (Orchid)
Phormiaceae (Flax-lily)
Poaceae (Native grass)
Polygalaceae (Milkwort)
Proteaceae (Grevillea)
Rhamnaceae (Spyridium)
Scrophulariaceae (Eyebright)
Thymelaeaceae (Rice-flower)
Zannichelliaceae (Water-mat)
Western Basalt Plains Grassland Community

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Ferns & Mosses

Botanical name

Common name

Priority bioregion

Grammitis magellanica ssp. nothofageti Beech Finger-fern OR
Huperzia varia Long Clubmoss OR
Pneumatopteris pennigera Lime Fern GP,
Tmesipteris elongata ssp. elongata Slender Fork-fern OR

Flowering plants

Botanical name

Common name

Priority bioregion

Family Asteliaceae


Astelia australiana1 Tall Astelia OR

Family Asteraceae


Brachyscome chrysoglossa Yellow-tongue Daisy W
Cassinia rugata1 Wrinkled Cassinia GP
Haegiela tatei Small Nut-heads W
Leiocarpa gatesii1 Wrinkled Buttons OR
Leucochrysum albicans subsp. albicans var. tricolor1 White Sunray VVP
Olearia pannosa ssp. cardiophylla1 Velvet Daisy-bush CVU
Olearia picridifolia Rasp Daisy-bush OP
Rutidosis leptorhynchoides1 Button Wrinklewort VVP
Senecio macrocarpus1 Large-fruit Fireweed W
Taraxacum cygnorum1 Coast Dandelion GP
Trichanthodium baracchianum1 Dwarf Yellow-heads W
Trichanthodium skirrophorum Woolly Yellow-heads W
Vittadinia pterochaeta Winged New Holland Daisy W
Xerochrysum palustre1 Swamp Everlasting GP

Family Boraginaceae


Heliotropium asperrimum Rough Heliotrope W

Family Brassicaceae


Ballantinia antipoda1 Southern Sheppard's Purse CVU
Lepidium aschersonii1 Spiny Peppercress VVP
Lepidium hyssopifolium Basalt Peppercress CVU
Lepidium monoplocoides Winged Peppercress W
Lepidium pseudopapillosum1 Erect Pepper-cress W

Family Callitrichaceae


Callitriche cyclocarpa Western Water-starwort W

Family Casuarinaceae


Allocasuarina obesa1 Swamp She-oak W

Family Chenopodiaceae

(Salt bush)

Halosarcia flabelliformis1 Bead Glasswort W
Maireana cheelii1 Chariot Wheels W
Sclerolaena napiformis1 Turnip Copperburr W

Family Cyperaceae


Carex tasmanica1 Curly Sedge VVP
Cyperus subulatus Pointed Flat-sedge W
Isolepis congrua Slender Club-sedge W
Schoenoplectus dissachanthus Blunt Club-sedge W

Family Dilleniaceae


Hibbertia humifusa subsp. debilis1 Dergholm Guinea-flower GP, W
Hibbertia sessiliflora Heathy Guinea-flower GP

Family Ericaceae


Gaultheria hispida Snow-berry OR

Family Eriocaulaceae


Eriocaulon australasicum1 Southern Pipewort W

Family Fabaceae


Cullen parvum1 Small Scurf-pea VVP
Cullen tenax Tough Scurf-pea VVP
Daviesia laevis1 Grampians Bitter-pea GG
Glycine latrobeana Clover Glycine WP,VVP
Pultenaea graveolens Scented Bush-pea CVU
Swainsona brachycarpa1 Slender Swainson-pea W,GG
Swainsona murrayana1 Slender Darling-pea W
Swainsona reticulata1 Kneed Swainson-pea W
Swainsona sericea1 Silky Swainson-pea W
Swainsona swainsonioides1 Downy Swainson-pea W
Pultenaea williamsoniana1 Williamson's Bush-pea GG

Family Lamiaceae


Westringia crassifolia1 Whipstick Westringia W

Family Liliaceae


Borya mirabilis1 Grampians Pincushion-lily W

Family Loranthaceae


Amyema linophylla subsp. orientale Buloke Mistletoe W

Family Mimosaceae


Acacia enterocarpa1 Jumping-jack Wattle W
Acacia glandulicarpa1 Hairy-pod Wattle W
Acacia melvillei Myall W
Acacia pendula Weeping Myall W

Family Myrtaceae


Callistemon wimmerensis Wimmera Bottlebrush W
Eucalyptus aggregata Black Gum CVU
Eucalyptus diversifolia subsp. megacarpa Coast Gum GP
Eucalyptus fasciculosa Pink Gum GP
Eucalyptus froggattii1 Kamarooka Mallee W
Eucalyptus leucoxylon subsp. bellarinensis1 Bellarine Yellow-gum OP

Family Orchidaceae


Caladenia australis Southern Spider-orchid OP
Caladenia audasii 1 McIvor Spider-orchid W
Caladenia calcicola1 Limestone Spider-orchid GP
Caladenia sp. aff. colorata1 Colourful Spider-orchid GP
Caladenia concolor Crimson Spider-orchid CVU
Caladenia cruciformis Red-cross Spider-orchid
Caladenia formosa1 Elegant Spider-orchid GP, W
Caladenia fragrantissima Scented Spider-orchid  
Caladenia fragrantissima subsp. fragrantissima Scented Spider-orchid GP
Caladenia fulva1 Tawny Spider-orchid W
Caladenia hastata1 Mellblom's Spider-orchid GP
Caladenia lowanensis1 Wimmera Spider-orchid W
Caladenia maritima1 Angahook Pink-fingers OP
Caladenia pumila Dwarf Spider-orchid VVP
Caladenia reticulata s.s. Veined Spider-orchid W
Caladenia stricta Upright Spider-orchid W
Caladenia tensa1 Rigid Spider-orchid W
Caladenia valida Robust Spider-orchid OP,GP
Caladenia versicolor1 Candy Spider-orchid W
Caladenia xanthochila1 Yellow-lip Spider-orchid W
Corybas despectans Coast Helmet-orchid GP
Corunastylis sp. aff. nudiscapa1 Otway Midge-orchid OP1
Corysanthes sp. aff. diemenica1 Late Helmet-orchid (coastal) GP, OP1
Dipodium campanulatum Bell-flower Hyacinth-orchid W
Diuris behrii Golden Cowslips CVU,VVP, W
Diuris sp. aff. chryseopsis Small Golden Moths VVP
Diuris sp. aff. lanceolata (Derrinallum)1 Early Golden Moths VVP
Diuris palustris Swamp Diuris VVP, W
Genoplesium sp.aff. nudiscapum Gellibrand Midge-orchid OP
Microtis orbicularis Dark Mignonette-orchid W
Paracaleana grampiana (Horsham)1 Grampians Duck-orchid GG
Prasophyllum diversiflorum1 Gorae Leek-orchid VVP
Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii Fitzgerald's Leek-orchid W
Prasophyllum fosteri1 Shelford Leek-orchid VVP
Prasophyllum frenchii1 Maroon Leek-orchid GG, GP
Prasophyllum lindleyanum Green Leek-orchid W
Prasophyllum litorale Coastal Leek-orchid GP
Prasophyllum occidentale Western Leek-orchid W
Prasophyllum pallidum Pale Leek-orchid W
Prasophyllum spicatum Dense Leek-orchid OP
Prasophyllum suaveolens1 Fragrant Leek-orchid VVP, W
Prasophyllum subbisectum1 Pomonal Leek-orchid W
Pterostylis basaltica1 Basalt Rustyhood VVP
Pterostylis cheraphila1 Floodplain Rustyhood W
Pterostylis chlorogramma1 Green-striped Greenhood GP
Pterostylis cucullata1 Leafy Greenhood GP, OP
Pterostylis sp. aff. bicolor (Woorndoo)1 Dense Greenhood VVP
Pterostylis sp. aff. cycnocephala (Woorndoo)1 Cygnet Greenhood VVP
Pterostylis sp. aff. dolichochila (Portland)1 Portland Shell Orchid GP
Pterostylis sp. aff. furcata ass1 Small Sickle Greenhood WP
Pterostylis sp. aff. mutica (Basalt Plains)1 Leprechaun Greenhood VVP
Pterostylis tenuissima1 Swamp Greenhood WP,GP,OP
Pterostylis truncata1 Brittle Greenhood CVU
Thelymitra circumsepta Naked Sun-orchid CVU
Thelymitra epipactoides1 Metallic Sun-orchid GP, WP, W
Thelymitra gregaria1 Basalt Sun-orchid VVP
Thelymitra hiemalis1 Winter Sun-orchid GP, OP
Thelymitra mackibbinii1 Brilliant Sun-orchid W
Thelymitra malvina Mauve-tuft Sun-orchid GP
Thelymitra matthewsii1 Spiral Sun-orchid OP, W
Thelymitra merraniae Merran's Sun-orchid OP,WP

Family Phormiaceae


Dianella amoena Matted Flax-lily VVP

Family Poaceae

(Native grass)

Amphibromus pithogastrus1 Plump Swamp Wallaby-grass CVU,VVP
Amphibromus sinuatus Wavy Swamp Wallaby-grass GP,VVP
Digitaria divaricatissima Umbrella Grass W
Deyeuxia imbricata Bent-grass W
Lachnagrostis adamsonii 1 Adamson's Blown-grass VPP
Poa sallacustris1 Salt-lake Tussock-grass VVP

Family Polygalaceae


Comesperma polygaloides1 Small Milkwort W

Family Proteaceae


Grevillea bedggoodiana1 Enfield Grevillea CVU
Grevillea floripendula1 Ben Major Grevillea CVU
Grevillea infecunda1 Anglesea Grevillea OP
Grevillea montis-cole subsp. montis-cole1 Mount Cole Grevillea CVU
Grevillea montis-cole ssp. Langi Ghiran Grevillea CVU

Family Rhamnaceae


Discaria pubescens1 Australian Anchor Plant VVP
Spyridium nitidum1 Shining Spyridium W
Spyridium sp.11 Forked Spyridium W

Family Scrophulariaceae


Euphrasia collina subsp. muelleri1 Purple Eyebright W

Family Thymelaeaceae


Pimelea pagophila1 Grampians Rice-flower GG1
Pimelea spinescens subsp. pubiflora1 Wimmera Rice-flower W1
Pimelea spinescens subsp. spinescens1 Spiny Rice-flower VVP

Family Zannichelliaceae


Lepilaena patentifolia Spreading Water-mat W

Western Basalt Plains Grassland Community

The Western Basalt Plains Grassland Community has declined to about 0.15% of its former distribution. Source: FFG Action Statement No 182


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