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On this page you can share survey information, both current and planned surveys anywhere in Victoria or adjoing areas. There are many threatened species surveys being conducted which could be  of great interest to people either from an awareness point of view or a scientific or management point of view.   We all benefit from sharing knowledge about what is being done and where.

Sharing of information can lead to improved outcomes  and connect people saving time and resources.

Please share your survey information, contact SWIFFT so that other people can be aware of surveys involving threatened species or their habitats.


Current surveys

  • Target species or community; Regent Honeyeater & Swift Parrot
  • Project name; Regent Honeyeater & Swift Parrot National Survey
  • Location and date; 1 & 2 August 2015, focus on box ironbark woodlands
  • Group/s; Birdlife Australia and any other volunteer observers. See Birdlife Australia Woodlands for birds project
  • Contact; Birdlife Australia, (03) 9347 0757 Dean Ingwersen (Regent Honeyeaters), or Caroline Wilson (Swift Parrots in Victoria).  Survey sheet pdf

  • Target species or community; Bush Stone-curlew
  • Project name; Bush Stone-curlew Radio-tracking -volunteers required.
  • Location and date; September - October 2015.  Approximately 20 km north of Corowa, NSW on private property.
  • Activities; 8th release of captive-bred Bush Stone-curlews and tracking volunteers required for radio-tracking every 3 to 4 days for at least two weeks. Availability for evening and night tracking would be beneficial.
  • Group/sThe Nature Conservation Working Group 
  • Contact; Elisa Tack on 0409 579 974 or elisa.tack@lls.nsw.gov.au. Note: (even though this project is outside Victoria it gives people an opportunity to learn more about this species and ideas for Bush Stone-curlew projects in Victoria).

  • Target species or community; Frogs
  • Project name; Melbourne Water Frog Census
  • Location and date; all year with focus on April, August, October and November (when frogs most active).
  • Activities: record calls on mobile phone or any personal recording device and submit (see web site for details).
  • Group/s; Melbourne Water and community volunteers.
  • Contact; Melbourne Water Frog Census

  • Target species or community; Orange-bellied Parrot
  • Project name; Orange-bellied Parrot recovery
  • Location and date; south-west Victoria, south-eastern South Australia. coordinated surveys will be conducted in 2014 on 17 & 18 May, 26 & 27 July and 13 & 14 September 2014.
  • Activities; Recording observations of overwintering birds (anytime) and coordinated surveys dates above.
  • Group/s; Birdlife Australia, Dept. Environment and Primary Industries and volunteer groups / individual observers.
  • Contact; Birdlife Australia - Orange-bellied Parrot recovery

  • Target species or community; Red-tailed Black-cockatoo
  • Project name; Annual survey
  • Location and date; south-west Victoria and south-eastern South Australia, Saturday 3 May 2014
  • Activities; count RTBC
  • Group/s; Birdlife Australia
  • Contact; Bronwyn Perryman 0438317024 Red-tailed Black-cockatoo news pdf

  • Target species or communityBrush-tailed Phascogale
  • Project name; Annual Monitoring Program (Action Statement)
  • Location and date;  Hepburn Regional Park, Wombat Forest (Yandoit) 7 April to 11 April 2014
  • Activities; Elliot trapping and hair tubing (Research Permit and AEC approval)
  • group/s; DEPI , Parks Victoria, University of Ballarat. Volunteers are welcome to register their interest. 
  • Contact; Andy Arnold phone 53366720

  • Target species or community; Southern Bent-wing Bat
  • Location and date; Warrnambool July 2014
  • Activities; undertake surveys of Southern Bent-wing Bats
  • Contact; Amanda Bush, DSE, Warrnambool 55619965

  • Target species or community; Southern Brown Bandicoot
  • Project name; Southern Brown Bandicoot genetic study
  • Location and date; March, possibly Wannon River. May, possibly Ming Ming Swamp or Victoria Lagoon. June, possibly Glenelg River or Wartook area.
  • Activities; Trapping and genetic analysis to assess how distinct the Grampians sub-populations are in relation to known populations in Victoria and determine how distinct Grampians sub-populations are from each other, assessing their movement within the park and repopulation capacity particularly after the 2006 wildfires
  • Group/s; Project managed through DEPI, Horsham
  • Contact; Felicity Christian, DSE, Horsham 03 53620753

  • Target species or community; Southern Brown Bandicoot and Long-nosed Potoroo
  • Project name; Determine presence of Southern Brown Bandicoot & Long-nosed Potoroo in Grampians area. (See project overview)
  • Location and date; Black Range (private), Black Range State Park, Grampians N.P. inc adjoining private (east & west of Park) 2014.
  • Activities; Remote camera surveys and selected trapping.
  • Group/s; DSE, Project Platypus (Upper Wimmera Landcare), Parks Victoria, private landholders.
  • Contact; Felicity Christian, DEPI, Horsham 03 53620753, Ryan Duffy, Parks Victoria 03 53614030, Upper Wimmera Landcare 03 53584410.

  • Target species or community; Growling Grass Frog
  • Project name; Growing Grass Frog recovery & Dams to habitat project
  • Location and date; Corangamite CMA, Glenelg Hopkins CMA & Wimmera CMA, 2014
  • Activities; Systematic surveys within 1.5 km of three identified clusters within each CMA to measure habitat variables. Sightings from landholders very welcome.
  • Group/s; Volunteers, DSE, lanholders.
  • Contact; Gary Peterson DEPI, Warrnambool, (03) 5561 9915 or Evelyn Nicholson 55270424.
  • See Growling Grass Frog research

  • Target species or community; Spot-tailed Quoll
  • Project name; Spot-tailed Quoll Community Survey
  • Location and date; Otway Ranges and other areas
  • Activities; Observations
  • Group/s; Gordon TAFE, Geelong Field Naturalists Club
  • Contact; Trevor Pescott GFNC

  • Target species or community; Eastern Barred Bandicoot
  • Project name; Eastern Barred Bandicoot Recovery
  • Location and date; Hamilton Community Parklands, March, July, November 2014
  • Activities; trapping and release to monitor population
  • Contact; Richard Hill 55542302

  • Target species or community; Fauna in Otways
  • Project name; Signs of Healthy Parks Monitoring
  • Location and date; Great Otway National Park 2014
  • Activities; use of remote cameras to monitor fauna and occurrence of predators e.g. foxes and cats
  • Group/s; Parks Victoria
  • Contact; Kate McMahon 03 52202003

  • Target species or community; Barking Owl, Boobook, Powerful and Masked Owl
  • Project name; Owl Surveys
  • Location and date; Otways Region
  • Activities; Fortnightly surveys (Survey Permit)
  • Group/s; Threatened Bird Network
  • Contact; Ian Davies 0352338321


Add your threatened species surveys project to this list. Contact SWIFFT

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