Bio-calendar March

Bio-calendar March

Late Summer

 (late January - late March)

March is the transition from late Summer to Autumn. A cooling trend in temperatures has begun as the sun moves towards the Autumn equinox in late March. Migratory birds begin to flock for their northward journeys. By the end of March reptiles are less active. The summer flowering eucalypts such as Messmate, Manna Gum, Red Stringybark and Brown Stringybark are nearing the end of their flowering whilst some of the winter flowering eucalypts such as Swamp Gum, Long-leaved Box and Grey Box are coming into flower.

The following list provides an insight to various life stages for some of the native plants and animals in Victoria during March, of course there will be some variation across different areas of the State.  Please contact SWIFFT so we can add to the list.

Threatened Fauna

Threatened Flora

Other native flora & fauna



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