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April is mid Autumn, Victoria is in a cooling trend and awaiting autumn rains to replenish wetlands, streams and rivers. Common galaxias start downstream migration for spawning. Migratory birds have commenced their journey north.


The following list provides an insight to various life stages for some of the native plants and animals in Victoria during April, of course there will be some variation across different areas of the State.  Please contact SWIFFT so we can add to the list.


Threatened fauna

  • Brown Toadlet  Pseudophryne bibronii; mid breeding season (March-May), males calling.
  • Great Knot  Calidris tenuirostris; last month for departure on Northern Hemisphere migration.
  • Grey-headed Flying-fox  Pteropus poliocephalus; peak month for breeding congregations in Victoria.
  • Leatherback Turtle  Dermochelys coriacea; migrated from equatorial waters to temperate waters feeding areas in January. The highest numbers rerecorded in Bass Strait are from April - May.
  • Masked Owl  Tyto novaehollandiae; commencement of breeding season.
  • Orange-bellied Parrot  Neophema chrysogaster; migration across Bass Strait from Tasmanian breeding areas to mainland Australia where they over-winter, feeding on coastal wetlands through to October.
  • Southern Toadlet  Pseudophryne semimarmorata ;mid breeding season, males actively calling.
  • Spot-tailed Quoll  Dasyurus maculates; commencement of breeding season which last through to July, movement of males greater.


Threatened flora

  • Spiny Rice-flower  Pimelea spinescens ssp. Spinescens; commencement of flowering through to August.


Other native flora & fauna


  • Common Galaxias; commence downstream spawning in coastal streams and rivers.
  • Brushtail Possum; peak period for giving birth to pouched young which lasts through to May.
  • Tupong; start of downstream migration for spawning in estuaries.
  • Australian Bass; start of downstream migration for spawning in estuaries.
  • Blue-winged Parrot; migration from Tasmania to mainland for some of the population.



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