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SWIFFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams
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Threatened species projects


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The following projects relate to threatened species or their habitats. 

Fauna Projects


Brush-tailed Phascogale nest box project - Bendigo FNC
Location Bushland parks and reserves surrounding the City of Greater Bendigo
Activities Building, installing and long term monitoring of nest boxes for over 30 years. Trials on box design/materials.
Partners Bendigo Field Naturalists Club, Parks Victoria, City of Greater Bendigo, Sheepwash Creek Landcare group & Community Groups.
Contacts Karen Thomas 0417377223  Project summary


Threatened Mallee Birds Conservation Action Plan 
Location Murray Mallee of south-eastern Australia
Activities Focus on 6 nationally-listed species; Mallee Emu-wren, Black-eared Miner, Red-lored Whistler, Western Whipbird (eastern subspecies), Regent Parrot (eastern subspecies) and Malleefowl. Regional recovery groups involved with conservation activities.
Partners Implementation Team; BirdLife Australia, Department of the Environment (Commonwealth), Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (SA), Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (Vic.), Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW)
Monash University, LaTrobe University, Zoos SA, Zoos Victoria
Contacts  Birfdlife Australia  Project summary


Rewilding the desert - Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA)
Location Wimmera - Little Desert Nature Lodge (117-hectare predator exclusion fenced), The Malleefowl Sanctuary (120 ha with predator exclusion fence),  Salvana Conservation Reserve – 1200 ha.
Activities Volunteers can participate in hands-on conservation activities. Experimentally reintroducing locally extinct native species into two predator-proof enclosures. Focus species; Western quoll (vulnerable), Spot-tailed quoll (endangered), Red-tailed black cockatoo (endangered), Malleefowl (vulnerable), Numbat (vulnerable), Red-tailed phascogale (endangered), Western barred bandicoot (endangered), Bilby (vulnerable), Burrowing Bettong (vulnerable) and Brush-tailed Bettong (endangered).
Partners Little Desert Nature LodgeFAUNA Research Alliance, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Hindmarsh Landcare.
Contacts Ben Holmes, Program Mgr. Threatened Species & Rewilding the desert, CVA,  0475 973 884 , +61 (0)3 5391 5212


Turquoise Parrot nest box project
Location Chesney Vale and Warby Ranges region of the Goulburn Broken catchment, and expanding to the NE catchment up to Chiltern region.
Activities Building and installing nest boxes on private land, monitoring nest boxes, holding field days and school education events.
Partners Goulburn Broken CMA, landholders and local schools.
Contacts Janice Mentiplay-Smith, Broken Boosey CMN Coordinator 57647506


Plains-wanderer project
Location Northern Victoria Plains Grasslands (Patho Plains), Trust for Nature grasslands reserves, Terrick Terrick National Park, Bael Bael Grasslands Reserve.
Activities Captive breeding, population monitoring, predator control, habitat restoration, conservation covenants.
Partners Parks Victoria, Trust for Nature, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Zoos Victoria, North Central CMA,  adjoining private landholders. 
Contacts North Central CMA – Remnant Grassy Ecosystems, more about Plains-wanderer 


Campaspe Squirrel Glider project
Location Campaspe River Reserve, from the outskirts of Echuca to Rochester.
Activities Installation and management of 100 Squirrel Glider nest boxes. To be expanded along the Campaspe River to where it meets the Murray River in conjunction with remote camera study subject to funding.
Partners Strathallan Family Landcare, Shire of Campaspe, Bunnings Echuca, Rotary Club of Rochester, Mitre 10 Rochester and Echuca Painter Mark Haydon.
Contacts Veronica Groats, President, Strathallan Landcare, 54849293 More about Squirrel Gliders


Southern Brown Bandicoot recovery project
Location Kooweerup area Western Port
Activities Habitat enhancement, predator control (foxes & cats), population monitoring.
Partners Western Port Biosphere, SBB Recovery Group, local community.
Contacts Western Port Biosphere                                                   


Squirrel Glider project
Location Lurg Hills area - Benella
Activities Habitat restoration, revegetation, habitat linkages, Squirrel Glider nest box's inc. monitoring.  
Partners Regent Honeyeater project, landholders.
Contacts Ray Thomas  - Regent Honeyeater Project                                More about Squirrel Gliders


Latham's Snipe project
Location Powling Street wetlands in Port Fairy
Activities Population monitoring, capture & tracking movement, collaborative research within and between Australia and Japan, build understanding and appreciation of habitat management issues among communities and management agencies.  
Partners South Beach Wetlands and Landcare Group, Federation University, Wild Bird Society of Japan, Japan Bird Research Association, Woodlands and Wetlands Trust (Jerrabomberra Wetlands), GHCMA  & DELWP 
Contacts Dr Birgita Hansen, Latham's Snipe Project


South-eastern Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo recovery
Location South-east South Australia & South-west Victoria
Activities Population monitoring, nest boxes, protection of nest trees, habitat monitoring & enhancement of Stringybark forests and Buloke trees. 
Partners Birdlife Australia, DELWP, GHCMA, WCMA, South Aust. Govt. 
Contacts Bronwyn Perryman,1800 262 062, Recovery Team web site
  Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo 


Regent Honeyeater captive release program 2017
Location Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park
Activities Captive breeding, release, monitoring and habitat conservation.
Partners Department of Environment & Primary Industries, BirdLife Australia, Taronga Zoo, Friends of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park, Bird observers and Landcare groups.
Contacts Glen Johnson, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Wodonga, 02 6043 7924 and National Regent Honeyeater Recovery Co-ordinator, Dean Ingwersen, BirdLife Australia, (03) 93470757 Regent Honeyeater captive release updates


Eastern Barred Bandicoot - guardian dogs proposal
Location  Tiverton, western Victoria
Activities Proposed 5 year pilot to assess the feasibility of using guardian dogs to protect the Eastern Barred Bandicoot at three grassland sites in Victoria.
Partners Zoos Victoria, Tiverton Properties (an extension of the team at Mt Rothwell), EBB Recovery Team and Tasmania University.
Contacts Rachel Lowry, Zoos Victoria, (03) 9340 2743


St Helens Reserve Southern Brown Bandicoots
Location  St Helens Reserve, through 2014 - 2015 & 2016
Activities Fox control and monitoring using remote cameras, see wildlife monitoring video clips on their web site.
Partners Basalt to Bay Landcare Network
Contacts Lisette Mill 04 08 712 713 basalttobay@gmail.com


Save our Bush Stone-curlews 2014 ongoing
Location Shelbourne Nature Conservation Reserve, near Bendigo and private land near the reserve.
Activities Habitat restoration, fox control, predator proof fencing, captive breeding, re-introduction and monitoring.
Partners Mid-Loddon Sub-Catchment Management Group (Mid Loddon Landcare Network & CMN) with the Upper Spring Creek & West Marong Landcare Groups
Contacts Judy Crocker, Facilitator, Mid-Loddon Sub-Catchment Management Group & Mid Loddon CMN. 03 5435 3412




Flora Projects

Dwarf Spider Orchid - Caladenia pumila
Location Bannockburn area - north west of Geelong, Victoria
Activities Monitoring, surveys to discover new populations, micro manage habitat. See: Dwarf Spider Orchid
Partners Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Parks Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens, Australian Native Orchid Society, volunteers.
Contacts Donna McMaster DELWP - Ballarat, Ph. 136 186 


Hoary Sunray Rehabilitation Project -Leucochrysum albicans var. tricolor
Location Duverney - Hamilton Highway, winter spring 2013 into 2014
Activities rehabilitate approx. 2.5 hectares of Plains Grassland, sowing Hoary Sunray seed August 2013
Partners VicRoads
Contacts Matt Mooney, 5222518


Cross-border Community Nursery  
Location South-west Victoria and South-eastern South Australia
Activities Regional community seed bank, community nursery, community education.
Partners Nature Glenelg Trust  natureglenelg see: Cross-border Community Nursery
Contacts Project co-ordinator Becky McCan, 0409 842 471


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