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The following observations have been shared with SWIFFT. If you have an interesting sighting or discovery you would like to share on SWIFFT please use the nature observation contribute form to submit your observation.



Nature observations

Brolga nest with adults and chick in south west Victoria

Video and photos of brolga nesting in south west Victoria from Bob McPherson. September 2016.


Brush-tailed Phascogale images from Watsons Creek and Macedon Shire

Images from Wayne Williams - taken at the Watsons Creek habitat link project which forms a link between unburnt forest in the Kinglake National Park Everard Block and Warrandyte-Kinglake Nature Conservation Reserve. Macedon Ranges images by William Terry.


Feral cat hunting Sugar Glider

Feral cat stalking a Sugar Glider in an artificial hollow nest box on private property near Hepburn Regional Park. Night vision images provided by Richard Pleasance.


Insectivorous bats of Victoria

There are 16 species of insectiverous bats in Victoria and south-eastern South Australia. Insectivorous bats are generally tiny; they are sometimes referred to as microbats. People are not usually aware of their presence due to their nocturnal behaviour and their ultrasonic calls which are inaudible to the human ear.


Orange-bellied Parrots near Tower Hill

Photos and video of the Orange-bellied Parrot near Tower Hill in south-west Victoria by Bob McPherson.


Powerful Owl

Observations of Powerful Owls on a roadside reserve spared from destruction after being burnt in the Ash Wednesday fires 1983 in the Panmure area, Moyne Shire. Observations provided by Lisette Mills, Basalt to Bay Landcare.

Observations by Trevor Speirs with images from Galye Osborne provide an account of Powerful Owls breeding in the Wombat Forest.



Images by David Wehlan and Bernie McRitchie are provided to increase our understanding and appreciation of raptors, their beauty, power and mystique together with the need to conserve raptors and their habitats.


Wildlife Health Victoria - Surveillance

Your observations count. Wildlife Health Victoria: Surveillance, investigates sick and dead wildlife from free ranging populations of endemic mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians in Victoria to understand baseline wildlife health patterns, detect changes and factors involved, and understand wildlife reservoirs of zoonotic diseases.

Take part in the online survey about sarcoptic mange in wildlife in Victoria, starting 12 June 2019.

Survey of sarcoptic mange of wildlife in Victoria 

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