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Notes from the 2022 seminar program

SWIFFT seminar 1 2022 Nature at home and in my landscape

Nature at home and in my landscape

Nature is all around us. Learn how we can connect with nature, personal, within families or through groups and conservation projects and the benefits to our health and wellbeing.

24th March

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SWIFFT seminar 2 2022 Small mammal conservation

Small mammal conservation

Small mammals are hard to see and are easily overlooked. Learn about some of Victoria’s small native mammals, their habitats, life stages and conservation measures required for their survival.

26th May

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SWIFFT seminar 3 2022 Arthur Rylah Institute - science that matters

Arthur Rylah Institute – Science that matters 

ARI is at the forefront of many research initiatives designed to improve our understanding of species and the natural environment. Learn about the role of ARI, the variety of work and the breadth of expertise within the organisation.

28th July


SWIFFT seminar4 2022 Behaviour change

Behaviour change

We might think about nature sometimes, always or never but how can we change people’s behaviour towards nature? This seminar will look at ways of influencing people to engage with nature and include nature conservation in their everyday lives. 

27th October

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Notes from the 2021 seminar program

SWIFFT seminars fire recovery and citizen science

Fire recovery and Citizen Science

See examples of how Citizen Science can contribute to the return of species after bushfires and how you can help.

25th March

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SWIFFT seminars wildlife crossings

Crossings for wildlife

With an increased human footprint in our environment we will look at ways in which we can assist the movement of wildlife across roads, farmlands and within waterways.

20th May

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SWIFFT seminars 2021 Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria 

Learn about Victoria's herbarium, flora conservation, research and science behind the gardens including VicFlora online tools.

29th July

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SWIFFT seminars 2021 cryptic freshwater critters

We will focus on learning more about Victoria’s freshwater invertebrates such as crayfish species, mussels, water bugs and their conservation.

21st October

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Notes from the 2020 seminar program

SWIFFT special event: Biodiversity after bushfire

fire and recovery seminar 26 March 2020

Learn about the biodiversity emergency rescue and response after the January/February 2020 bushfires in Eastern Victoria.

26 March 2020

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SWIFFT seminars Marine

Marine Biodiversity

Learn about how organisations such as the Marine Mammal Foundation and others are undertaking projects to conserve threatened species in the marine environment.

13th February

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SWIFFT seminars Masked Owl

Sensing Our Environment

Explore how the latest technologies such as Bioacoustics can be used to better understand species ecology and the environments in which they live.

23rd April

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SWIFFT seminars 2020 Urban ecology

Urban Ecology

As our urban footprint expands this seminar will look at what we can do to reduce impacts on biodiversity and restore habitat through youth leadership.

23rd July

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SWIFFT seminars Native grasslands

Natural Temperate Grasslands and Grassy Eucalypt Woodlands are Critically Endangered.  We hope to explore current and future conservation programs.

22nd October

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Notes from the 2019 seminar program

Zoos Victoria Fighting Extinction

Zoos Victoria Fighting Extinction

Learn about what Zoos Victoria is doing to protect 21 species from extinction.

14th February

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Native bee David Duncan

Native Bees, Wasps and Ants

Time to think about the small things in life and gain a better understanding of these insects, their role and conservation status.

4th April

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people for nature

People for Nature

Explore Citizen Science and challenges concerning Climate Change on species conservation.

25th July

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Mountain Pygmy Possum - Zoos Victoria

Look at some examples of community involvement in threatened species recovery across private and public land.

24th October

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Notes from the 2018 seminar program

Southern Right Whale

Citizen Science and threatened species conservation

Citizen Science can contribute to a wide variety of conservation programs.

1st February

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Swifft parrot

Bird conservation and legislation

Trying to understand declines in woodland birds, shorebirds and floodplain birds.

26th April

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Practical applications and ethical considerations

26th July

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intro communications for nature SWIFFT video conference 25 Oct 2018

How and why we need to be creative and coordinated

25th October

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Notes from the 2017 seminar program

2 feb 2017 video conference online

Online biodiversity data

Learn about Atlas of Living Australia, Victorian Biodiversity Atlas, Visualising Victoria’s Biodiversity and BowerBird online Citizen Science.

2nd February 2017

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swifft video conference 2017

Victorian Threatened Species Protection Initiative - case studies

View Threatened Species Protection Initiative funding program outcomes overview and five case studies.

27th April 2017

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SWIFFT video conference 27 July Local Government

Local Government Conservation Management

Learn about how Local Government conserves rural environments through planning and controls, plus waterway protection in the Dandenong’s. Overview of Victoria’s Biodiversity Response Planning.

27th July 2017

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SWIFFT video conference 26 October 2017 Indigenous knowledge

Explore some examples of how Indigenous Culture is entwined in land management and lessons which can be applied in this day and age.

25th October

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Notes from the 2016 seminar program

SWIFFT video conf. 11 Feb 2016 Possums and gliders

Threatened Possums and Gliders in Victoria

Synopsis of Victoria's Threatened possums and gliders. Plus, Leadbeater’s Possum conservation and Squirrel Glider road crossings research.

11th February 2016

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swifft video conference 26 April 2016 Local Government biodiversity conservation

Local Government biodiversity conservation

Featuring, Macedon Ranges Shire conservation programs and Victoria’s Local Government Biodiversity Planners Network.

28th April 2016

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SWIFFT video conference 28 July threatened species supplementation

Threatened species population supplementation

Captive breeding and release can prove helpful in species recovery. Focus on Amphibians, Regent Honeyeater, Native orchids and the Mountain Pygmy Possum.

28th July 2016

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SWIFFT video conference 27 October 2016 Indigenous knowledge of ecology

There is a tremendous amount to learn regarding the way indigenous people lived with the land. We focus on the Indigenous Fire Workshop, Aboriginal waterway assessment process and Barapa Water for Country pilot project.

27th October 2016

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  • Amphibian Ecology - 27 January 2011 pdf
  • Victorian Volcanic Plain native grassland recovery - 19 April 2011
  • Threatened species re-introductions - 28 July 2011
  • Threatened species conservation on private land - 27 October 2011


  • Biodiversity education - 28 January 2010
  • Fungi, Mosses and Lichens - 28 April 2010
  • Aboriginal Land Management - 29 July 2010
  • Insect - plant associations - 28 October 2010



  • Bird monitoring - 31 January 2008
  • Climate change & biodiversity datasets - 1 May 2008
  • Biodiversity management & the Victorian Volcanic Plains - 23 July 2008
  • Freshwater ecosystems & the drought - 23 October 2008




  • Living landscapes - 16th February 2006
  • Management updates - 18th May 2006
  • Management updates - 13 July 2006
  • Management updates - 8 November 2006


  • Notes 14 July 05
  • Chytrid Fungus -13 October 2005




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